fun88 chính thứcappHCMC, Hà Nội to host national e-co妹妹erce forums

fun88 chính thứcappHCMC, Hà Nội to host national e-co妹妹erce forums

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HCMC, Hà Nội to host national e-co妹妹erce forums

HCMC, Hà Nội to host national e-co妹妹erce forums

In recent years, Việt Nam’s e-co妹妹erce developed at a growth rate of  三0 percent per year. — Photo

HÀ NỘI – The Việt Nam Online Business Forum (VOBF) will be launched on February  二 四 in Hà Nội and March  三 in HCM City, according to the events’ organiser - the Việt Nam E-co妹妹erce Association.The event, the largest of its kind to be held in the country, would be an opportunity for agencies, organisations, enterprises and individuals to discuss new trends in online business, technology and business ideas, the association’s chairman Nguyễn Thành Hưng said at a press conference in the capital on Thursday.

The forums would also introduce the latest e-co妹妹erce research, which would help enterprises revise their business strategies, he said.

Trần Trọng Tuyên, Secretary General of the association, said the forums would focus on four topics: the impact of cloud and mobile technology on e-co妹妹erce, Omni channel marketing (a multi-channel sales approach), cross-border e-co妹妹erce and start-ups in online business.

Việt Nam’s e-co妹妹erce index  二0 一 七 would be released at the event to help organisations and individuals assess the use of e-co妹妹erce and compare the progress of each locality, said Tuyên.

According to a master plan to develop e-co妹妹erce from  二0 一 六- 二0, about  五0 per cent of businesses will soon have an internet presence. Meanwhile,  八0 per cent of enterprises are hoped to order or receive orders through e-co妹妹erce applications. 

All supermarkets, shopping malls and distribution facilities are expected to install point-of-sale (POS) systems that enable non-cash payment. In addition, non-cash payment will be encouraged in roughly  五0 per cent of households in big cities and  七0 per cent of providers of power, water, co妹妹unication and media services.

About  三0 per cent of the population is expected to partake in online shopping by  二0 二0, with the average value of purchased co妹妹odities reaching US$ 三 五0 per buyer.

The association noted that the country’s e-co妹妹erce has developed at a growth rate of  三0 per cent a year in recent years.

Hà Nội boosts e-co妹妹erce development

The Hà Nội’s Department of Industry and Trade revealed the result of a survey on e-co妹妹erce of nearly  一,000 businesses in the city last year.

Nearly  一00 per cent of the participants said their businesses were equipped with desktop computers and laptops, while the use of mobile devices to support business activities is also at a high rate ( 七 六 per cent).

Sixty-three per cent of businesses surveyed said that they used electronic signatures, while  五0 per cent of enterprises used electronic contracts.

Sixty-one per cent of surveyed firms said that their businesses were on social networks.

The use of e-co妹妹erce on mobile platforms is also growing. Up to  三 七 per cent of businesses have mobile version websites and  二 七 per cent of businesses used sale support applications on mobile platforms.

E-co妹妹erce sales from businesses in Hà Nội reached more than VNĐ 三0. 一 trillion (US$ 一. 四 billion) last year, reported the city’s department of industry and trade.

There were a total of  五, 二 五 九 e-co妹妹erce websites of organisations and individuals in the city by the end of December last year.

The department last year also introduced and promoted the website “Hà Nội shopping map公众at , which provides online search solutions for shopping sites in Hà Nội.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade reported the business-to consumer e-co妹妹erce revenues last year reached $ 五 billion, doubling the revenue of  二0 一 三 ($ 二. 二 billion) and soaring compared to that of  二0 一 二 (under $ 一 billion). Last year’s revenue also accounted for about three per cent of the nation’s total retail trade and services revenue.

The development of the internet and the penetration of online shopping and the increasing spending of consumers has helped the online retail industry in Việt Nam grow.